Sleep When You're Dead

by Fun Guns

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This album was recorded in the corner of a small apartment in Los Angeles. The neighbors detest it.


released January 23, 2012

Made by Sharif.



all rights reserved


Fun Guns Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Sleep When You're Dead
Meet me, in the worst part of town

Come on over anytime you're feelin down

Cause I know where you go at night
i can see it in the backmost corners of your mind

Call me, you can call me anytime

Just don't keep me waitin or I'll lose my mind

Cause I know where you go at night
I wanna be the one to make your wrongs all right

Meet me in the middle of a raging sea

leave it all behind and run with me

Don't you remember those words that the wise man said

Sleep when you're dead

Cause I know where you roam at night
I know where you go on those long lonely nights
Track Name: Shelly Graves
The Sound Of Her Voice

Did you ever wonder how thunder is so loud but somehow it still sounds so good
Not quite as bright as lightning but the sight of it doesn't quite look like it should

So take her to the movies for a midnight show
Give all your money she can blow it all on coke
The joy you miss most will always be the sound of her voice

The day she went away i put my troubles in their graves and the tombstone wears her name
She left me blinder than a bat but everytime i look back i can still see nothing changed

i'd give her to the water just to get her off of me
Throw her in the ocean let her float away at sea
Somewhere off the coast you can still hear the sound of her voice

Soon she'll be gone and i'll have righted all the wrongs and the problems she once caused
i'll leave her behind any place i can find but still my mind is lost

With a one way ticket destination anywhere,
Put her on plane where she's goin i don't care
When she's not around i can still hear the sound of her voice